Holidays are Always Coming

All of us celebrate different things throughout the year, whatever the reason for the celebration, you don’t need to wait to enjoy our package specials. Anyday, any time at a price to suit your budget, go on take a look.

Baby Bear Padkos

  • 1kg Beef biltong
  • 1kg Chilli bites
  • Free 100g Dry wors Beef


Mama Bear Package

  • 1kg Cheddar
  • 1kg Gouda
  • 1kg Biltong
  • 1kg Chilli bites
  • 1kg Cabanossi

    Free 100g Dry wors Beef


Father Bear Family Package

  • 2kg Cheddar
  • 2kg Gouda
  • 500g Salami
  • 500g Pastrami Beef
  • 500g Spanish Serrano ham
  • Free 100g of Coppa


Cheese Lovers Package

  • 1kg Gouda
  • 1kg Cheddar
  • 500g Pecorino
  • 500g Feta Cow
  • 250g Parmesan
  • 250g Emmanthal
  • Free A Wedge of Brie


Meat Lovers Package

  • 200g Black forrest ham
  • 200g Gypsy ham
  • 200g Spanish Serrano ham
  • 200g Compagnolo Salami
  • 200g Mortadella
  • 200g Salami Milano
  • 200g Brasaula
  • 200g Coppa
  • Free 100g of Pepper Salami


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