Cheese Deli hamper 3


Darling Chenin Blanc: 2019/20

Hints of nettle and fresh peas with lots of passion fruit and grassy flavours on the nose, which follow through on the palate. A vibrant acidity supports the flavours and keeps the palate fresh.

Pairing notes: Good with Avo and salads, grilled fish, shellfish, Gammon glazed honey, Peking duck some sweetness, Vindaloo and Cape Malay.

We recommend A Pecorino or a Danish feta cheese as well as Spanish Serrano ham or Salami to cut through the fat. A few biscuits on the side with a pickle or relish to accompany!!


 Variety of cheeses

1 x a bottle of Chenin Blanc(Similar to the image displayed): A 250g of A Pecorino or a Danish feta cheese: A 70g of  Spanish Serrano ham or Salami.


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